Bespoke Joinery

Dubai Investment Park 2

One-stop solution for carpentry, internal fixtures, and bespoke furniture design.




Furniture and Upholstery, Joinery, and Wood




Plot No. 4 DIP Industrial Building 2 Warehouse Unit 1 DIP 2 - Dubai



+971 50 362 2872


Mukesh Jangid | Partner and Operation Manager

Production details

Bespoke Joinery, a collaboration between architect Fadi Sarieddine and seasoned carpenter Mukesh Jangid with over two decades of experience, specializes in tackling intricate projects that go beyond traditional woodwork. In addition to providing expert craftsmanship, our team extends support to designers by offering technical consultations for their designs. Furthermore, we actively collaborate with interior designers, granting them exclusive access to the production floor and skilled workers, ensuring a seamless transformation of their creative visions into reality. OPEN TO SIGNING AN NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Turnaround Time
Project Dependent
File Types
CAD, PDF, Sketchup, JPEG
Minimum Order
No min Order
Production Access
By Appointment: Access to visit the facitilies depending on the project
Works With
  • Large business
  • Small companies
  • Professionals
  • General public
  • Students
  • Bespoke 1-offs
  • Sample production
  • Prototypes
  • Short run
  • Medium run
  • Large run


Bespoke Joinery, boasting an expansive 2000 sqm facility, excels in delivering full design-and-build services tailored to a diverse range of projects, spanning residential, hospitality, commercial, retail, and F&B sectors. Their commitment ensures the creation of spaces that are not only distinctive but also functional. The extensive offering includes turn-key fit-out works, ranging from wood cladding to integrated cabinetry, delivering a seamless and refined touch to various projects. In addition to this, their specialized service in mobile trailers and modular unit fit-outs introduces innovative and customized solutions for versatile spaces. The company has garnered recognition through collaborations with notable projects such as Hive Co-Living JVC, One Life Restaurant JVC, Tahini Restaurant One Central Dubai, Wiseguys Restaurant DIFC, Moonshine DIFC, Nomad Luxury Caravans in Sharjah, and Private Villas in Dubai Hills and Al Barari, including a Private Office in Abu Dhabi.

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