Production details

Wall Zen provides a distinctive service, printing digital images on any flat vertical surface. Our design services assist in preparing images for printing, and we partner with freelance artists, digital artists, and photographers through our portal for royalty-based art sales. To safeguard artists' designs, we sign NDA agreements. Collaborating artists gain access to our transparent sales system. If you're an artist, digital artist, designer, photographer, or creative professional, reach out to explore mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities. OPEN TO SIGNING AN NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Turnaround Time
Project Dependent
File Types
high-resolution file over 300 dpi
Minimum Order
No min Order
Production Access
Open: General access
Works With
  • Large business
  • Small companies
  • Professionals
  • General public
  • Students
  • Bespoke 1-offs
  • Sample production
  • Prototypes
  • Short run


The name Wall Zen carries a profound significance; it's a journey to where walls cease to be mere boundaries. A journey to bring an artistic revolution to the vertical surfaces of the UAE. Months were devoted to perfecting technology tailored for the unique demands of the region. Machines and inks were sourced from Europe, with a commitment to sustainability evident in the choice of eco-friendly, vegan inks – a promise backed by an 8-year guarantee for all indoor prints. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) inks, virtually odorless and instantly drying, paint a spectrum of colors within the CMYK Gamut. The process boasts almost zero waste, a testament to Wall Zen's commitment to eco-conscious practices. Their canvas extends beyond residential units to include collaborations with multinational corporations, adorning office walls with corporate imagery. For the environmentally conscious, Wall Zen stands as a beacon. A choice that not only adds aesthetic flair but also aligns with a commitment to a sustainable future. The company beckons artists to join their cause, offering a unique pricing structure for collaborations. Their flexibility extends to clients with yearly commitments. Looking ahead to 2024, Wall Zen aspires to extend its impact. A vision unfolds to collaborate with schools, hospitals, and hotels, aiming to widely adopt this technology for the collective benefit of humanity. In the heart of the UAE, Wall Zen is not just imprinting images; it's etching a narrative of art, sustainability, and a future where walls transcend their ordinary existence.

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