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The Association of Women Carpenters is a multicultural organization made up of women in the carpentry, restoration, cabinetmaking and handicraft trades. Our main objective is to promote the training and job placement of women in this profession.

Turnaround Time
2-8 weeks
File Types
PDF, jpeg, autocad, sketchup
Minimum Order
Production Access
By Appointment: Access to visit the facitilies depending on the project
Works With
  • Professionals
  • General public
  • Bespoke 1-offs
  • Sample production
  • Prototypes
  • Short run
  • Medium run
  • Large run


ENGLISH : Our personal experience is that, once they have finished their training, women find it difficult to integrate into the labor market due to two main circumstances: the traditional masculinization of the sector and how expensive it is individually to assume the cost of setting up a specialized workshop. These circumstances are what brought us together and pushed us to create the association. After struggling to find a workshop space due to zoning restrictions, we finally found a space for rent at TMDC, a collaborative workshop that rents warehouse spaces to creative professionals. With support from the Barcelona Activa program, we were able to develop our business model and improve our management skills. Our aim is to create a space in which to practice our trades, sharing resources and exchanging knowledge, and collaborating in the training and integration of new professionals. The ultimate goal of this space is to promote the self-sufficiency and economic equality of women in the trade, helping them to undertake projects that until now have been forbidden to them. ESPAÑOL: Nuestra experiencia personal es que, una vez terminada su formación, las mujeres encuentran dificultades para integrarse en el mundo laboral debido a dos circunstancias principales: la tradicional masculinización del sector y lo costoso que resulta individualmente asumir el coste de montaje de un taller especializado. Estas circunstancias son las que nos han unido y empujado a crear la asociación. Después de las dificultades que tuvimos para encontrar un espacio para el taller dado las restricciones de zonificación, finalmente encontramos un espacio disponible en TMDC, un taller colaborativo que alquila espacios y naves a profesionales creativos. Con el apoyo del programa Barcelona Activa, pudimos desarrollar nuestro modelo de negocio y mejorar nuestras habilidades de gestión. Lo que pretendemos es crear un espacio en el que practicar nuestros oficios, compartiendo recursos e intercambiando conocimientos, y colaborando en la formación e integración de nuevas profesionales. Este espacio tiene como objetivo último impulsar la autosuficiencia e igualdad económica de las mujeres del oficio, ayudándolas a emprender proyectos que hasta ahora les están vetados.

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