Production Specifics

Cyan Clayworks have ceramics equipment available which individuals can access in a variety of ways. This includes wheels, kilns, workbenches, glazing equipment, hand tools and a plaster lathe. This allows us to provide hand building, slipcasting, throwing, kiln firing, casting, mould making and glazing in house. We offer project support for students, and professional artists/designers. We also offer courses, bespoke workshops and one to one tuition. Typical clients are designers and artists, who do not need to understand the process already. We also produce commissions with each project being dealt with on an individual basis.

Turnaround Time4-6 Weeks, Project Dependent
Starting CostUnder £50
Production Access Open
File Typespdf, jpeg, docx, photoshop/illustrator


Ceramics Casting Slip Porcelain Earthenware Clay Decorating Slip Glaze Ceramic Decals


Slipcasting Hand Building Wheel Throwing Kiln Firing Glazing Mould Making


Kiln Potters Wheel Plaster Lathe

Works With

Large Businesses
Small Companies
General Public


Bespoke 1-offs
Short Run
Medium Run
Large Run

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Company History

Cyan Clayworks is an artist run social enterprise set up in 2012. We have over 15 years experience in ceramic practice, and set up the studio to provide a creative hub for ceramics.

Client List

Edinburgh University

Contact Cyan Clayworks

ContactFiona Thompson
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AddressStudio 3, 2nd Floor, Beaverhall Art Studios, 27 Beaverhall Rd, Edinburgh, EH7 4JE
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