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A list of Laser Cutters in Scotland

Laser Cutting is one of those fantastic accessible ways of making things that creative practitioners, students and the general public alike enjoy using. For anyone with a basic knowledge of illustrator (or any vector drawing software) you can knock together a design in no time at all. If you have no idea how to do this, there are plenty of digital fabrication companies who are more than happy to work from a simple sketch or idea.

So what is laser cutting? Laser cutting is a process of cutting, or etching materials using a laser. Designs are generated from a CAD or vector file, and you can use it to cut, or etch materials like acrylic, leather, wood, fabric, card and rubber. 

Why is laser cutting so great? It enables you to produce finished pieces with fine detail and a professional finish within a couple of hours. 

Once you've decided to use laser cutting, you'll need to decide whether you're going to do it yourself at a facility, or find a fabricator to do it for you. Typically, you'll most likely need to find somewhere with availability as soon as possible, and with a bed size large enough for the material you are intending to cut.

We have a whole host of laser cutters listed on Make Works from all across Scotland. 

If you know of a laser cutter in Scotland that you think should be on this list, you can suggest a factory here.


MAKE Aberdeen

Make Aberdeen , an open access fabrication studio

MAKE Aberdeen is an open access fabrication studio. Alongside 3D printing, vinyl cutting digital embrodiery and electronics equipment they have two laser cutters that you're able to use if you become a member of the faciltity. 

Laser cutters: HPC 1290 Laser Cutter / Engraver bed size 1200mm x 900mm and HPC 3050 Laser Cutter/Engraver bed size 300mm x 550mm

Find out more about Make Aberdeen


DCA Print Studio

Dundee Contemporary Arts - home to DCA Print Studio

DCA Print Studio is an open access workshop for the production of printed work. They have a whole range of digital fabrication tools including 3D printers, vinyl cutters, and a large format laser cutter. DCA Print Studio also operated on a membership basis.

Laser Cutter: Cadcam FB1530 laser-cutter. Large format machine, 30 watt power. (1443 x 968)

Find out more about DCA print studio here




An invitation laser cut by Alan at Podbox in Glasgow

Podbox is a quick turn-around laser cutting, CNC routing and CNC engraving studio in central Glasgow run by Alan Hawthorne. There is no previous knowledge required, and you can get in touch whether you’ve just got an idea, an early sketch or if you’ve got ready-to-go drawings and files.

Laser cutter: The laser cutter bed is 600x400mm

Find out more about Podbox


Flux Laser Studio

Laser Cutting in action at Flux Laser Studio

Flux are also a quick turn-around laser cutting, CNC router and vinyl cutting studio based in Glasgow's creative hub, The Whisky Bond and run by Alice Jacobs. They provide a bespoke service to creative practitioners from the initial ideas, file drawing and prototypes through to final production.

Laser Cutter: HPC Laser Script 6090, HPC Laser Script 1290. On site laser cutting up to 900mm x 1200mm

Find out more about Flux Laser Studio



Laser Cutting at MAKlab

MAKlab was Scotland's first open access digital studio – based in Charing Cross Mansions in Glasgow. Members can use the studio as much as they like, non-members can access machines (including two laser cutters) but for a higher cost. See their full list of machines here

Laser Cutter: GCC Laserpro Spirit Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine, Studiolaser 1290-120 Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine

Find out more about MAKlab


Adam Plastics

Laser Cut point of sale piece produce by Adam Plastics

Adam Plastics are a acrylic and plastics fabrication business based in East Kilbride specialising in bespoke plastic pieces and point of sale units. Their production includes laser cutting for acrylics and they have a laser cutter on site with a 1200 x 600mm bed. Although Adam Plastics are a larger fabrication business they're happy to work with besoke 1-offs and short runs. 

Find out more about Adam Plastics


J.G.B Steelcraft

JGB Steelcraft

J.G.B Steelcraft are a one stop shop for metal fabrication based near Glasgow. Alongside water jet cutting and plasma cutting they also have in house laser cutting. J.G.B are able to work with small quantities including bespoke pieces, but do bear in mind that they only work with metal. 

Find out more about J.G.B. Steelcraft



Evergreen Studio

Laser etched piece produced by Evergreen Studio

Evergreen Studio specialise in bespoke wood fabrication, sourcing and working with local Scottish hardwoods. Alongside their traditional woodworking tools, Evergreen have two laser cutters, and are specialists at laser engraving in wood. They have a quick turnaround and are able to work with short runs and one-off pieces.

Laser Cutter: 500mm x 300mm bed, 1400mm x 900mm 

Find out more about Evergreen Studio


Bscenic Construction

production space at BScenic Construction

Edinburgh-based B Scenic Construction are bespoke fabricators of film, television and theatre props, exhibition and interior displays. They have a Piranha H-Series Laser Cutter which is typically used for producing components and prototypes for artists, furniture designers and product designers.

Laser Cutter: Piranha H-Series Laser Cutter

Find out more about Bscenic Construction


Old School Fabrications

Production space at Old School Fabrications

Old School Fabrications describe themself as a 'no job too weird' fabrication service with projects spanning props, sculptures and installations. They produce made-to-order, one-off pieces and short runs and have a laser cutter on site.

Find out more about Old School Fabrications



Laser Flair 

Finished pieces at Laser Flair

Laser Flair is a laser cutting and engraving studio based in Upper Largo, Fife run by Jane Banks. They offer quick turnarounds and offer consultation, artworking, production and finishing time for around £1 per minute. Jane is able to take on a range of projects from one-offs and prototypes through to large runs.

Laser Cutter: 100W CO2 Laser, 1200mm x 800mm 

Find out more about Laser Flair here


Dumfries and Galloway

MAKlab Dumfries

MAKlab has recently expanded to a new site in Dumfries. Set up as an open access digital fabrication studio, similarly to MAKlab Glasgow you can access all of their machines and workshop space as a member. MAKlab Dumfries have laser cutting machines that you can use yourself, alongside a whole host of digital fabrication machines.

MAKlab Dumfries isn't on Make Works (yet!) You can find out more about them here


If you run a laser cutting facility or fabrication service in Scotland that hasn't been listed here, you can find out how be listed on Make Works here


If you'd like to find out more about how laser cutting works and what you can achieve with the process, be sure to check out our Guide to Laser Cutting


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