Listings on Make Works range from individual craftsmen to large manufacturing companies; working on bespoke commissions to large production runs. The most important thing is that each listing fabricates work for other people, or provides facilities for them to make and manufacture themselves. 

It is completely free to list your factory on Make Works. Find out why here. 


Follow this link to get to our sign up form. 

You will be asked information about what you do and specific details about production such as typical turnaround times and materials used. This takes about 15 minutes. 

After you have signed up, your information will be sent onto your local Make Works region who will review and verify the sign up form. If we think that you would make a great Make Works listing, we'll be in touch.

You may have been invited to be listed on Make Works. If you are not sure whether you qualify for Make Works check out our listing criteria.

Filming visit

Filming takes about 2 hours, involves a short interview and allows us to collect photographs and video footage for your listing. We will send you a filming pack so that you know what to expect. Your local team will be out visiting and filming new companies regularly. Some regions have a waiting list in place so you might have to wait a little.

Live listings

Once we’ve been to visit you, we’ll collate the information for your listing and edit the photographs and film. You’ll then join the 100’s of other manufacturers already listed on Make Works

We then promote your factory as far and wide as we can. We always post new listings out to our newsletter subscribers, and through our social media channels. 


Enquiries and leads

Make Works is used by 1000s of designers and makers each month. From artists, engineers and architects, to film production companies and international brands with an invested interest in local manufacturing. 

Once your factory has a live Make Works listing, new clients will be able to find your factory and get a strong understanding of what you do. 

People will get in touch by a direct message to your inbox or by phone call to start a project. 

When you get more work, we know Make Works has worked! We love hearing about successful commissions so send us your photos and stories of what has been made.


The Make Works community

Make Works is about making local manufacturing accessible and inspiring. Once you have a Make Works listing, you are part of a community of manufacturers, makers, material suppliers and workshops.



In addition to our digital services, we run events, manufacturing meet-ups and Maker-Speed-Dater where you can meet other people making work.

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Common Questions

For common questions about factory listings on Make Works, check our FAQ’s. 

If you'd like to get in touch with your local Make Works region, find their contact details here

As a startup we are always looking for feedback and gathering ideas about what you would like to see next. Get in touch if you have anything you would like to share.


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