Do you know a factory, a maker, a material supplier or workshop facility for Make Works?

Make Works is an comprehensive database of local manufacturing. This includes factories, fabrication businesses, workshops and material suppliers - as well as tradesmen, craftsmen and individual makers. The platform is open access and free to use, for everyone (and always will be). 

Suggest a factory 

We spend many hours at Make Works researching and sourcing local manufacturers, and we know that often the best factories are those hidden away on industrial estates. To find out more about who we are, have a look at the about page of your local Make Works region

As part of opening up our process, anyone can now recommend makers, factories, material suppliers or workshops for Make Works. Simply fill in this form, wait a couple days and we will let you know if they have been added to our list of manufacturers.

The more people that add to the list of manufacturers, the more useful it becomes, for everyone. 

By suggesting factories you are contributing to an open access manufacturing resource used by thousands of people each month. The project is about providing free, practical information so they people can more easily manufacture locally. 

We are asking for user-contributions, because we want to make Make Works as comprehensive as possible. We need the help of everyone that uses us, to improve it for everyone else.

Factory Criteria

We visit and verify every factory listed on Make Works. If you are unsure who to recommend you can take a look at the factory criteria. These criteria were made so that Make Works is as useful as possible for the process of sourcing manufacturing. We don’t list makers that are only selling their own products, or wouldn’t do fabrication with somebody else’s design.

You can learn about the benefits for factories listed on Make Works here.

You can learn about why we think local manufacturing is so important here.


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