Production Specifics

The process starts from the product’s intended function, this includes but is not limited to; dampening, filtering, sealing, absorbing, protecting, and draining. Nordifas manufacturing chain covers all stages from fibre to finished product in order to have control over customisation to the customers’ particular needs. Nordifa works in close partnership with leading international fibre manufacturers to ensure that they gain access to the latest products and developments. Nordifa holds ISO quality and environmental certification. This means that all parts of the operation have been audited in detail.

Turnaround Time4-6 Weeks
Starting Cost£500 - £1000
Production Access open
File Typesall


Textiles Fabric/Textile Blends Cotton Organic Textiles Plant Based Textiles Polyester


Carding Thermobonding Heat Setting Heat Bending Product Development Product Design Show more


Industrial Sewing Machines for Leather Cutting Table Die Cutter Forklift Heat press

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Company History

The first industrial textile operation in Halmstad was set up in 1823. Machine felt production started in the mid-19th Century. In 1974, Nordifa was hived off from Albany International, and the operation moved to its current location. There were several changes in ownership until the Bornefalk family bought the company in 2004. For five years, the Nordifa group was listed on the stock exchange. Nordifa still focuses on the same core business – the development, production and sale of advanced textile products. At present, this includes not only textile machine components but also filter media, furniture, interior fittings and sports flooring. Today, Nordifa is a family-owned business and one of only a few independent European companies with a fully-integrated manufacturing chain for needled and pressed felt, as well as for woven special products. Clients includes product developers, industrial designers and operating engineers. The goal is to make constant improvements to achieve a higher level of efficiency and quality.

Contact Nordifa

ContactRobert Bornefalk
View on Google Maps
AddressNordifa AB
Box 612
SE-301 16 Halmstad
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