Production Specifics

New customers should be aware that the processing of the natural vegetable tanned leather will take one month to order and prepare for specification (skiving, etc). Any metal hardware will take 1-2 weeks to order and custom logo brass stamps for debossing will take 10 days to order. Special projects requiring design services vary in time along with prototyping phases.

Turnaround Time8-12 Weeks
Starting Cost500 AED - 2,500 AED
Production Access by appointment
File Typesai, PDF or Jpeg


Linen Thread Vegetable Tanned Leather


Leather Working Bevelling Edge Finishing Burnishing Punching Hand Stitching Embossing


Leather Embossing Machine

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Company History

It all started with the wallet of Lewis's grandfather, stamped '1943'. His grandmother said "We couldn't afford to buy cheap, we bought things that lasted". From this, Lewis started his journey in craftsmanship, natural materials research and the establishment of MadeByNative soon after. Founded on an appreciation and love for the classically designed, they have a desire to create and curate lasting products that improve with age. They take the best skills, craft and tried and tested methods from around the world to produce effects that reflect harmony, beauty and quality.

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Creative Director & Craftsman
Phone+97155 2853736
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AddressThe Courtyard, Al Quoz Industrial 1, 4B Street, Dubai, UAE
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