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Made Works: Lynne MacLachlan x V&A Dundee

Our third installment with V&A Dundee, sees us chatting with Glasgow Based jewellery designer Lynne MacLachlan. Lynne uses 3D printing technology and colour to play with light, space and colour to make colourful geometric jewellery. Her jewellery is 3D-printed, hand-dyed and hand-finished. She's currently experimenting with pushing the scale of her work.

Find out more about her process in this video.

Finding this kind of 3D-printing more accessible than some of the kinds related to precious metals, Lynne also liked the fact that you can hand-dye it any colour. It's also quite a light material, but still strong, which is perfect for jewellery.

Lynne’s 3D Printer - Photo Credit Garry Maclennan

Digital tools are a vital part of Lynne's work, but it's the combination of the digital with the hand-finishing that Lynne feels elevates her work. This results in a magic quality in her work, as the pieces change from different angles.

Jewellery- Photo Credit Garry Maclennan

Back in 2018 we were asked by V&A Dundee to create a series of videos to celebrate their collaborations with Scottish makers and designers for their gift shop. We wanted to really tell the story behind their inspiration and the work that they created. Over the course of a year we spent time with each designer to learn about how they work. For the project we teamed up with Paved With Gold, and photographer Garry Maclennan.

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