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Kevin Andrew Morris tells us about working with clients who found him through Make Works

Who are you? 

Kevin Andrew Morris: Ceramic Design (Nomadic ceramicist providing a range of mould making and casting services as well as specific ceramic fabrication)

Kevin Andrew Morris


What do you do / make?  

My own work varies greatly having initially developed my practice around working with slip casting and high temperature firings (enjoying the repetition yet play that the process allows and the way the materials natural qualities are highlighted with high firings) I have since found it refreshing that the techniques and processes I use in my work were transferable to other areas. This allowed me to investigate new methods of making and introduce other materials to my work such as wax, glass, bronze, iron, wood as well as new materials/processes in terms of mould making and fabrication. I found that when I returned to producing ceramic work I was able to approach it in a much more experimental way than I had previously and that my relationship with the material and process was strengthened. Embracing techniques such as throwing and hand building as well as experimental kiln building, glazing and firing also allowed me to get out of my comfort zone with my work and develop as a maker. Commercially I use these skills for clay based commissions and ceramic object repair. Specific skills are in mould making, casting, throwing, clay hand building, press moulding, modelling, slipcasting, glazing, kiln building, kiln operation and kiln maintenance. Moulds can be made using plaster, gel flex, silicone, sand, rubber or for casting concrete and glass.


Kevin Andrew Morris Made Works 


Tell us about the projects you have had through Make Works? 


The projects I have had through Make Works have also been greatly varied including figurative sculptural fabrication and mould making, mould making and casting from natural forms,glazing design,product design based projects(including table ware and furniture projects)and photography projects.The capacity of work has included one offs,samples and prototypes as well as short runs in a range of scales,working with small companies, professionals, photographers, students, artists and the general public. Many of the projects have been in tune with my own practice but equally I have learned alot from the ones that I would consider outwith the work I normally produce.

Kevin Andrew Morris Made Works


How did you find working with these new clients?


I really enjoy working with clients, from hearing about their project and being able to offer advice through to developing new professional relationships and seeing projects go from initial concept to the realised outcome.


What advice would you give to someone new to working with fabricators? 


Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve and  a way to visualise this is helpful but not essential (models,drawings, photos etc), often an openness to a material and process limitations can be just as useful. Having clear and open communication is the most essential part of the process. Often I like to meet face to face with clients which allows for a greater depth of conversation than emails/phone calls provide, that said alot can be achieved though regular emails/phone calls.

Kevin Andrew Morris Made Works


Why are you listed on Make Works? 


Along with the advancement of my own studio practice I greatly value the opportunities I  have to pass on my skills through classes, workshops, public artwork as well as being able to work with other artists and institutions. The opportunity to continue to learn from others and develop as a maker is an invaluable experience.

Have you made something interesting recently that was started through Make Works? Let us know!

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