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Sollas Bookbinding Made Works

Corinna Krause is from Sollas Bookbinding, an artisan bookbinding workshop in North Uist, Outer Hebrides.

We've asked Corinna some questions about a recent commission that she received through Make Works.


Corinna at Sollas Bookbinding


What do you do, and what do you make?

I am a bookbinder making bespoke books and boxes. I am working towards exhibitions and on commissions for private customers, artists and also restaurants with my menu folders. I do repairs of old books and I pass bookbinding skills on during workshops.

Tell us about the recent project you have had through Make Works?

I made 30 clam shell presentation boxes for Chaîne de Papier, a French association of paper artists, to present bespoke hand-made paper collections. The clam-shell boxes have one of the hand-made papers inlaid into the lid making the box and its content talk to each other. The exhibition has happened in the UK and is now travelling to other places including France, Taiwan and Switzerland. Find out more about the exhibition here 


Made Works by Sollas Bookbinding




How did you find the commission?

The commission found me,  the president of the association, Jan Fairbairn-Edwards, researched the Make Works data base and got in touch with me. We took it from there.

Sollas Bookbinding Made Works

What advice would you give to someone who is new to working with makers, or commissioning a piece of bookbinding? (and what makes it much more brilliant for you in the process ...)

I would just say to get in touch with your idea, however small or large the project is. 30 boxes for me is a relatively large commission. I have two little children, so I have 20 hours per week in my studio. And it is just me in the studio working on these commissions. But having had quite a few artist portfolio commissions, none as quantatively big as this one, I love that kind of work, talking to the customer to see what they envisage and then working together to make the final object exactly what is called for.

The advantage of commissioning a maker is that you can be totally free in your design and size of the commissioned piece. I have just been asked to make fishing log books since my customer just cannot find the type and size he needs anywhere else. We sat down together and discussed layout and size and now we are ready to make them. So, yes, go for it!! And it does not have to be too expensive either.

 Sollas Bookbinding Made Works

Having someone who is passionate about their project contact me and then engaging with my suggestions as to how to make things is very rewarding for me.


Why are you listed on Make Works?

Because I am a bookbinder accepting book and box making commissions.


Thanks to Corinna for telling us about her project. You can see Sollas Bookbinding's full listing here on Make Works

Have you made something interesting recently that was started through Make Works? Let us know!

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