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Risotto Studio's Made Works; A rug made by Turnberry Rug Works

Risotto Studio tells us about working with Turnberry Rug Works

Risotto Studio designed these Rugs which were produced by Turnberry Rug Works. Turnberry Rug Works make bespoke rugs from natural fibres. Pieces are generally one offs and they specialise in matching colours to customer requirements. 

Who are you?

Gabriella Marcella; Designer and director of Risotto Studio


Risotto Press in Glasgow


What do you do/make?

I decorate various surface with print and pattern.


Tell us about your project

The collaboration with Turnberry Rug Works came about as I was keen to develop new products within textiles and interiors.


Risotto X Turnberry Rug Works at Pick Me Up London


How did you find working with Turnberry Rug Works?

Really positive. It was great to visit the workshop and see the processes first hand.


Risotto Studio's rug


Risotto Studio's Rug made by Turnberry Rug Works


What advice would you give to someone else working with fabricators?

Go and visit the workplace - it makes a huge difference in understanding the potential of your project.


Why do you use Make Works?

Because its a brilliant database and network of Scottish manufacturers!  


Risotto Studio at Pick me up London


Have you made something interesting recently that was started through Make Works? Let us know!

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