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Made Works: Kerrie Aldo x V&A Dundee

Once again we’re exploring some of the really interesting collaborations coming out Scotland’s Design Museum V&A Dundee. They teamed up with local designer Kerrie Aldo and textile manufacturer Halley Stevensons to create a raincoat that combines local history and expertise with high fashion.

Only 20 numbered raincoats and matching bags have been made. They were hand-cut using a new pattern created for the project, available in navy and orange and feature signature KerrieALDO finishes such as coloured trims and an inner patch pocket made from Ancient Dundee Old Heavy Weight Tartan. The pattern had not been used for 160 years until it was recently resurrected by the Ben Nevis Handloom Weavers of Dundee.

Dundonian Kerrie said she had turned to the history books to come up with a design that was a perfect fit for the city. “I came across ‘the slicker’, a hooded coat worn by the fisherman in the archives at Halley Stevensons, and this has had a big influence on the design of the coat, as has V&A Dundee’s contemporary architecture,” she said. “The coat has lots of special details to the inner which illustrate the level of care and attention that has gone into each piece.

“A collar was discussed at an early design meeting, but having grown up in Dundee, I knew a hood was an essential feature of the Dundee Raincoat, to deal with the unpredictable Scottish weather.”

James Campbell, managing director at Halley Stevensons, said: “We are delighted to have collaborated on this exceptional piece of design. Halley Stevensons is pretty unique in that we work in the same way with large brands as we do with smaller artisan labels such as KerrieALDO. There’s an understanding with our clients that we help them in any way we can, and they are part of our research and development with the feedback they give us in return. It’s an added bonus for us to watch brands develop with our product. Our collaborative process is always the same and we are exceptionally proud when we can support younger labels such as Kerrie’s.”

Find out more and collaborate with Halley Stevenson’s through their Make Works Scotland listing.

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