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Made Works: Ark Colour Design x V&A Dundee

As part of our collaboration with V&A Dundee we chatted with Jane Richards and Amy Lindsay, Creative Directors of Ark Colour Design. They created a range of leather accessories for the V&A Dundee Gift Shop. We discussed their inspirations, and how their products are made.

Jane and Amy - Credit Garry Maclennan

Visit our video for the full story

All the leather is sourced from the UK and Ireland and it's dyed on site in Scotland. All their products are made by a small family run manufacturer in Scotland. The leather is processed in their on site tannery and then cut and foil embossed to their designs. Every piece is hand finished with embossing.

Studio - Credit Garry Maclennan

Back in 2018 we were asked by V&A Dundee to create a series of videos to celebrate their collaborations with Scottish makers and designers for their gift shop. We wanted to really tell the story behind their inspiration and the work that they created. Over the course of a year we spent time with each designer to learn about how they work. For the project we teamed up with Paved With Gold, and photographer Garry Maclennan.

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