Name Parent
Binding Pipes Sewing Machine
Biscuit jointer Woodworking Tools
Black and White Photocopier Photocopier
Blanchard Grinder No. 18, 36"" Chuck Metal Working Tools
Blanchard Grinder No. 20, 36"" Chuck Metal Working Tools
Blindstitch Industrial Sewing Machine
Board Cutter Cutters
Bobbin Sander Sander
Bobbin Sander 16-80mm diameter Bobbin Sander
Bombarding Machine Neon Production
Bonding Press Plastics
Book Block Cutter Cutters
Bosch Tool Suite Joinery Tools
Botteling machine 250/h Food transformation & production
Bow Saw Saws
Box Maker Printers
Box Mill Mills
Braiding Machine Knitting Machine
Brake Press Sheet Metal
Branford 1900 Glass Beader Metal Working Tools
Bridgeport J-Series Milling Machines with Anilam Digital Readouts Milling Machine
Bridgeport Series 1CNC Turret Mill Turret Mill
Bridgeport Turret Mill Turret Mill
Bridge Saw Saws
Brittania relief press (50 x 64) Presses