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Bernart Mercader has been woodcarving using hand tools since 2016. He works and gives workshops out of his studio space in the neighborhood of Poblenou in Barcelona.




Applied Arts and Wood




Carrer Pere IV, 514, 08018





Bernat Mercader | Founder


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Bernat’s woodcarvings are handmade using carving knives and gouges. His bespoke pieces are geometrical, intricate and visually captivating. He also teaches groups and individuals these techniques through online and in person workshops.

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Workshop & Classes and By Appointment: Access to visit the facitilies depending on the project
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ENG: Bernat started woodcarving after taking a course in 2016. Ever since he has been improving his skills and developing his visual language. As he carves each piece, he gets inspired to work on the next one. Small details that decorate one piece can become the main element of the following piece. This is how Bernat finds new ways to combine styles and patterns. The combination of relief carving and chip carving allows him to create unique environments that feed the imagination. He enjoys sharing this practice through workshops and classes. Having the opportunity to meet new people interested in carving and seeing their progress inspires him and motivates him to keep sharing! ESP: Bernat empezó a tallar madera tras hacer un curso en 2016. Desde entonces ha ido mejorando sus habilidades y desarrollando su lenguaje visual. A medida que talla cada pieza, se inspira para trabajar en la siguiente. Los pequeños detalles que decoran una pieza pueden convertirse en el elemento principal de la siguiente. Así es como Bernat encuentra nuevas formas de combinar estilos y patrones. La combinación de la talla en relieve y chip carving le permite crear ambientes únicos que alimentan la imaginación. Le gusta compartir esta práctica a través de talleres y clases. Tener la oportunidad de conocer a nuevas personas interesadas en la talla y ver sus progresos le inspira y le motiva para seguir compartiendo.