The FabricFabrik is a screen printing manufacturer in Vienna, nested in what was once a real Viennese tavern, the charm of which can still be felt.


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Koppstrasse 23/2, 1160 Wien






Stephanie Klaura | Artist


Production details

From draft to yard goods - in addition to our own textile designs, hand screen prints and drafts, we also offer very individual solutions and we are open to new, innovative ideas. We value sustainability, local production and regional craftmanship. Our products are created in small editions and with carefully selected materials to underline the revival of the craft. Contemporary art and design in exchange with craftsmanship as a starting point for innovative ideas that create synergies. Our main focus is on textile printing. Our offer has increased significantly over the years and interesting projects have been created on leather, wood and even screed. We stand for handmade, timeless compositions and practical cuts - each piece with an individual touch. Unique items and small limited editions. Just get in touch.

Turnaround Time
Depending on the project
File Types
pdf, jpeg, ai
Minimum Order
500 - 1.000 €
Production Access
Project Specific: Depends on project and requirements
Works With
  • General public
  • Bespoke 1-offs
  • Sample production


The first steps were taken in the textile technology workshop at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. From painting to printmaking. In her artwork, Stephanie Klaura, founder of FabricFabrik, is increasingly focusing on the interplay of forms of fractal structures and organic repetitions in nature. Translated into textile repeat printing, extraordinary installations made of textile and canvas were created. After further work and a constant deepening into the medium of repeat printing, the desire for a workshop like the one we know from the 50s needed to be satisfied - a long table, a large screen and a real printing carriage are needed! Since the process of repeat printing in the manual screen printing process has hardly been implemented in recent years and the printing table that is required for this was no longer produced we decided to simply build everything ourselves - et violá - Die FABRICFABRIK - was born. We are not only a studio and workshop but also a platform for contemporary print design and a place for networking and communication around screen printing. Founded in autumn 2014 by Stephanie Klaura.

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