Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts

Abu Dhabi

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts is a nonprofit organisation that empowers underprivileged women through sustainable crafts. Their skilled craftswomen make traditional Emirati crafts such as "Khoos/Sef" palm frond weaving, "Sadu" fabric weaving, "Telli" metallic thread and silk braiding, wool spinning, and pottery making. Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts also has a training and production workshop that is open to beginners, masters, designers and artists.


Material Supplier


Applied Arts




First Floor, Emirates Red Crescent Building, Muroor Road (East Road),Abu Dhabi, UAE



+971 2 699 6965


Mariam Al Kindi | Manager of Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts

Production details

A wide range of traditional Emirati handcrafted materials are available, including Sadu, Telli, and Khoos. Customers can either purchase the materials in stock that come in a wide range of colours and patterns, or they can collaborate with the craftswomen to hand make a bespoke piece. Sadu patterns, thread colours, and fabric size can be customised. Telli comes in a wide range of colours, and the thickness of the thread can be customised. Khoos can be dyed a specific set of colours upon request, and can even be applied with a metallic paint texture.

Turnaround Time
Project Dependent
File Types
Minimum Order
400-2000 AED
Production Access
Works With
  • Large business
  • Small companies
  • Professionals
  • General public
  • Students
  • Bespoke 1-offs
  • Sample production
  • Prototypes
  • Short run
  • Medium run
  • Large run




Under the leadership of Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan, the Emirates Red Crescent President’s Assistant for Women’s Affairs, Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts organisation was founded in 2006 to offer vocational training aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of underprivileged women in the UAE to ensure them with a dignified life. The organisation expands on their crafts, teaches them new technical skills and supplies them with the raw materials and designs to create culturally inspired products that are sold locally and internationally. Al Ghadeer's journey started with just three craftswomen working in an office at the Emirates Red Crescent producing a few products. Today, their community consists of more than 250 craftswomen, local and expat from across all emirates, producing more than 60 products ranging from corporate gifts, stationery, home accessories, and a fashion line. The organisation includes financial, social, health and educational support systems.