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10 Weavers to get you weaving

We published our Guide to Weaving last week and have had lots of reports of people being completely absorbed in the world of weaving. To feed your weaving habit a little more here are 10 weavers who have been catching Make Works' attention.

We hope they will give you inspiration to start making work with the mills and weavers of Scotland!


1. Shielagh Tacey

Shielagh Tacey 

Shielagh is a weaver and print designer based in Glasgow. Alongside her own designs, she also creates designs for high street retailers and produces one-off commissions. This handwoven piece is called Mixed Yarn Rosepath. 

2. Sophie Roet

Sophie Roet

Sophie Roet is a Woven Textile Designer and Innovator of Luxury Fabric. She is particularly interested in combining metal coils and threads into natural fibres. This piece is called Paper Textile. 


3. Heather Shields Textiles

Heather Shields Textiles

Heather Shields is a Scottish Woven Textiles Designer specialising in contemporary fabrics and homeware. In addition, Heather is a part time lecturer at Glasgow Clyde College and a Weave Technician at Glasgow School of Art. This piece is called the Puzzle Design, it has three dimensional cells which have been padded with wool tops, creating a unique scalloped surface. They are woven using merino and lambswool fibres.  


4. Angharad McLaren Textiles

Angharad McLaren Textiles

Angharad Mclaren is a Scottish Weaver, Textile Designer and Researcher. This piece is part of her ongoing collection of hand, dobby and jacquard woven textile designs using a range of yarns, weave structures and finishes, inspired by performance software, windsurfing and natural sea life. 


5. Signe Rand Ebbesen

Signe Rand Ebbesen

Signe Rand Ebbesen is a Woven Textile Designer working in high-end Jacquard and handwoven fabrics. She is also co-founder of Rand.Gylden based in the Rhodope Mountains, which develops custom textiles for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein. 


6. Damien Hirst's New Religion Blanket 

Damien Hirst's New Religion blanket

This is a 100% Cashmere Blanket designed by Damien Hirst. It features symbols from Hirst's New Religion series of artworks and was produced by Alex Begg and Co in Scotland. Alex Begg and Co are high end weavers of scarves and throws, you can see their full listing on Make Works here

7. Andrea Donnelly

Andrea Donnelly

Andrea Donnelly is an American weaver based in Richmond, Virginia. Andrea says that she uses the labor and language of weaving by hand to create artwork that is both intimate and impactful. In addition to her exhbition-based work, she also runs a handwoven scarf studio called Little Fool Textiles.


8. Teresa Georgallis

Teresa Georgallis

Teresa Georgallis is a London-based Textile designer working in Woven Textiles and Accessories. Teresa either uses Hand Weaving or a Jaquard Loom to produce these fabrics using silk, wool, cashmere and soft cotton. Teresa describes her work as being inspired by digital patterns, computer glitches and sound frequencies.


9. Atelier E.B. and Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Atelier E.B.

This was one of a set of three blankets designed by Atelier E.B. – otherwise know as Brussels-based artist Lucy McKenzie and Edinburgh fashion designer Beca Lipscombe in collaboration with artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz as part of the Scotland Can Make It project. They were woven by Alex Begg and Co. and the accompanying leather carry-holders were produced by McRostie of Glasgow. 


10. Industrial North Collection by Amy Gair

Industrial North

Amy Gair hails from the Shetlands and her Industrial North collection of dobby and jacquard woven fabrics is inspired by Shetlands northern identity as a remote island located between mainland Scotland and Norway. These are produced using 100% Shetland Wool, lambswool and merino. 


If you didn't get a chance to check out our Weaving Guide

We also have several fantastic weaving companies listed on Make Works; for bespoke cloth and short runs of your designs check out Araminta CampbellWoven in the bone and Skye Weavers. For production runs take a look at Peter Greig & CoAlex Begg & CoRobert Noble and Bute Fabrics.




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