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Louise works on the basis of commissions, but also runs workshops in bobbin lace-making which teach different techniques to producing unique lace designs, specialising in english bobbin laces (Buckinghamshire Point Ground Lace and Floral Bedfordshire). Louise also produced her own bespoke designs which she produces digitally, prints and then cuts using a laser cutter.

Turnaround Time
Starting CostUp to £100
Production Access closed




Lace Knitting Weaving Hand Sewing Pattern Making Textiles Pattern Cutting Needlework


Laser Scanner Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine

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Large Businesses
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Video: Make Works Derby and Derbyshire visits Louise West at Friar Gate Studios.

Company History

Louise began lace-making with bobbins in 1992, and has since been driven to fuse historical techniques and templates with contemporary ideas and practices. Much of her inspiration is driven through family connections with these techniques, but also a desire to push the boundaries of this field and show it can stile relevant today. Louise studied a BA (Hons) in Textile Design which inspired her to begin designing her own lace. Following this Louise studied for an MA in Art and Design at University of Derby. All of this experience has allowed her to create inspirational workshops at different technical levels, allowing clients to come with their own ideas, as well as learn through pre-designed templates. Alongside this she also works externally to produce commissions with museums and heritage sites. This has been to utilise her skills to create bespoke pieces in the style of different periods, but also to experiment with contemporary lace.

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ContactLouise West
Business Owner
Phone 01332 742533
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Address 6 Friargate Studios, Ford St, Derby, DE1 1EE
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