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FALA offers manufacturing services to customers who require the design, development, fabrication and servicing of their tools and equipment. Whether it's for the semiconductor, aerospace or other high-tech industry, customers and partners come to FALA to develop new systems, make process line improvements, apply new technologies to their existing machines, and more. They join our experienced and highly skilled manufacturing builders to solve their development problems together on the spot, from a practical standpoint, right from the factory floor, backed by our engineers and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems.

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Production Access closed
File TypesSolidworks, Pro-e Creo, Step, X_T, JT2Go, Mastercam


Metal Electronics


CNC Water Jet Cutting Casting 3D Printing CNC Machining Electronics Model Making Show more


Mitsubishi DWC110H1 Wire E.D.M. 12"x18" Mitsubishi DWC110C2 Wire E.D.M. 12"x19" Eltee Pulsitron TRM-20 Ram E.D.M. 6"x8" Mori Seiki N- 4000 DCG, Dual Pallet CNC Horizontal Machinging Center 19"x16"x22" Yama Seiki BM2100 Vertical Machining Center 40"x83"x40" Haas VF2SS Super Speed CNC Machining Center 30"x60"x20" Show more

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Video: GCSEN Visits FALA Technologies in Kingston, NY

Company History

Founded in 1946 by Frank Falatyn, Sr. as Ulster Tool and Die, a family-run machine shop in Kingston, New York, FALA Technologies grew steadily throughout the decades, establishing a successful business in the 1970's and 80's by manufacturing highly precise machine parts for IBM and other companies. In the early 1990's, the company faced formidable challenges when IBM closed its Kingston campus and competition from low-cost, overseas production had seized FALA's market share. Today, FALA distinguishes its market position by offering high-quality turnkey engineering and manufacturing services under one roof. FALA acts as a systems integrator, both by helping companies to develop their technologies into products and by merging divergent technologies into unified systems.

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ContactAndrew Clearwater
VP of Sales
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Address430 Old Neighborhood Rd, Kingston, NY 12401
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