Production details

Turnaround Time
Project depentent
File Types
.pdf, .cdr
Minimum Order
Production Access
Workshop & Classes
Works With
  • Large business
  • Small companies
  • Professionals
  • General public
  • Students
  • Bespoke 1-offs
  • Sample production
  • Prototypes
  • Short run


Founded in 2011, FabLab Budapest is part of an international open innovation network with more than 1,750 members, presented in more than 100 countries. Our leading service is prototype development and production of installations and custom products. We are equipped for the manufacturing of prototypes and small-scale production. But FabLab Budapest is more than a simple design and manufacturing workshop. The network aims to democratize access to digital manufacturing technologies and related knowledge. The technologies we use were previously only available for the industry, so we place great emphasis on nurturing talent, sharing our expertise with infrastructure. The users of the Lab form an inspiring community. Many successful design and technology projects started with a simple conversation.