Production Specifics

Each piece is bespoke and they work with designers throughout. The production process begins by framing a canvass to the size required before projecting the design onto the backing. High quality yarn is then fed through a compressed air gun, in a process called hand tufting. Once the tufts are in place latex is brushed onto the backing and allowed to cure. For finishing the rug is carved and shaved to the correct pile height for each design. These are then edged and trimmed. New clients do not need to have previous knowledge of the process, and collaborations are welcomed.

Turnaround Time3 - 12 Weeks
Starting Cost£200
Production Access Closed
File TypesSketches


Cashmere Cotton Silk Linen Fine Merino Wools Viscose Yarn


Carving Shaving Hand Tufting

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Large Businesses
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Bespoke 1-offs
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Company History

For the last 20 years they have seen exceptional manufacturing skills developed here, they thrive on the power of making and the importance of being skilled. Since 1991 a band of dedicated craftsmen have been keeping alive the strong tradition of bespoke carpet and rug making in the west of Scotland. Using the hand tufting technique, tucked down beside the world famous Turnberry golf course on the shores of the Clyde. They've sent rugs as far afield as the Vatican, the Big Brother House and British Embassies all over the world. Formerly known as Turnberry Carpet Crafts they are now opening a new chapter for Turnberry Rug Works, to take it forward to be an expanding and successful manufacturer here in Britain, to offer opportunities to young designers and modern textile apprentices.

Client List

The Vatican
Timerous Beasties
Big Brother

Contact Turnberry Rug Works

ContactJohn McKerchar
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AddressThe Old Granary Building, Dowhill Farm, Turnberry, Girvan, KA26 9JP, Scotland
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