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Listing Criteria

Checklist for listing your factory on Make Works

We refer to our Make Works listings as ‘factories’. They range from individual craftsmen to large manufacturing companies; working on bespoke commissions to large production runs. The most important thing is that each factory fabricates work for other people, or provides facilities and materials for them to make and manufacture themselves.

Listing Criteria

To be Make Works verified, make sure you meet our four criteria:

  1. Quality. Have the skills and track record of working to a high quality standard. 
  2. Local. Be manufacturing locally. 
  3. Open. Be transparent about production specific information such as expected turn-around times, minimium order costs and in-house machinery.
  4. Access. Be accessible and helpful when working with new clients - such as designers, makers, artists, architects, international brands and small scale manufacturers that may not have worked with your specific manufacturing process before.

A Make Works listing is:

  • For makers, manufacturers, factories, fabricators, material suppliers, craftsmen, skilled tradesmen, workshop owners, sculpture studios and maker spaces.
  • A platform to offer commercial services such as manufacturing processes, material supplies, production facilities and provision of fabrication facilities.
  • An opportunity to promote your fabrication services and skills online.
  • A chance to have a film made about your company, and high quality photography taken of your factory, machinery and people.


A Make works listing is not:

  • For manufacturers, makers or craftsmen that only manufacture under their own brand or in their own style.
  • For manufacturers that do not take on work from new micro-businesses, individuals and artists. This can mean producing bespoke commissions, one-offs, short runs, sampling and requests that are out of the ordinary.
  • A marketplace for products that are made locally. In other words, Make Works is not a space for manufacturers or designer-makers to only promote or sell their own range of existing products. Make Works lists factories that are about local production process by doing to-order commissions, supplying trade materials, running facilities, or taking on subcontracted manufacturing.

Examples of Make Works factories:
  •  Fabricator (Manufacturer) - metal shops, circuit board fabricators, garment construction, galvanisers
  •  Fabricator (Maker) - ceramicists, stonemasons, seamstresses, pattern cutters, gilders, glass blowers
  •  Material Supplier - sawmills, paper merchants, tradesmen
  •  Facility - open access to machines, tools and equipment such as maker spaces, sculpture workshops, technical workshops or print studios

Examples of factories we do not list on Make Works:
  • Manufacturers not willing to take on new clients.
  • Designers and makers only producing under your own brand, and not offering fabrication services for others. 
  • University workshops that cannot be used by the public. 
  • Companies with a local office that manufacture elsewhere. 


We verify every factory on Make Works to build trust in local production quality, and to ensure the approachability of factories listed. 
We do this based on community recommendations and the content of a factory sign up form, which must meet our listing criteria.

We then visit each factory as part of our filming visit, and to confirm that factories are manufacturing on-site. This ensures that the local production processes we promote are authentic and transparent.

If we have repeated feedback from the Make Works community about poor response times, poor quality production or disappointing service from any factory listed we take time to look into it; and will remove a factory if more than three separate complaints are made. 

List your factory

It is completely free to list your factory on Make Works. Find out why here.

If you meet our criteria and want to be listed on Make Works then follow this link to our sign up form. You will be asked information about what you do and specific details about production; such as typical turnaround times and materials used. This takes about 15 minutes. Learn More 

Common Questions

What do I do if I don't meet the listing criteria?

Why does Make Works only focus on the fabrication process?

How long is your waiting list?

Why do you want to make manufacturing more accessible?



Helen Voce
March 01, 2021



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