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Make Works Tour

Three months finding and filming manufacturing in Scotland.

From July 1st - October 1st 2013, Make Works was on the road for a three month tour of Scotland in a 1979 VW Campervan. The aim was to find and visit as many foundries, workshops, factories and studios as possible, to showcase the best people, tools and machines that are accessible for artists and designers. 

You can see where we went our on our timeline and #makeworkstour.

The team - Fi Scott, Vana Coleman and Ross Fraser McLean - spent over 90 days on the road and travelled over 3000 miles. We visited factories and workshops - from textile manufacturers, ceramics studios, laser-cutting facilities, wood suppliers, right through to skilled individuals who have machines to rent out, will share skills and are willing to collaborate or to work on small-scale and bespoke commissions.

The aim of the tour was to increase confidence in the quality of craftsmanship and material that can be fabricated in Scotland. We collected data and film footage required to get many of these ‘hidden’ local industries online. Using the insight and information we gathered, we built and launched Make Works in 2014. 

We visited small scale fabricators and craftsmen. 

We sourced local material suppliers across the country.

We understood how micro-businesses could work with larger manufacturing industries.

And we found maker spaces, print studios and workshops where people can make and repair things themseles.

Tour Timeline


We travelled across the whole of Scotland. Check out the Make Works Tour Timeline

Residency Programmes

As part of the Make Works Tour, 8 residents joined the Make Works team on parts of the journey. You can read more about what they did on the Make Works Residency page.


List of Tour Contributors

The Make Works Tour would not have been possible without the help of individuals and organisations who supported us along the way. Those who opened up their doors for filming, supplied plugs and wi-fi, couch-sufing, Friday-night pints, skill-shares and local directions. We can't say thank you enough!


  • Jamie Coleman
  • Richard Clifford
  • Roanne Dodds
  • Roy Mohan Shearer
  • Catherine Docherty
  • Sarah Drummond
  • Neil McGuire
  • Luke Moodley
  • Simon Ray
  • Martin Clarke
  • Hilde Watne Frydnes
  • Stuart Milne
  • Bruce Newlands
  • Caroline Parkinson
  • Helena Ward
  • Claire Hanna
  • Shonagh Manson
  • Jon Opie
  • Alexis Stevens
  • Ben Dawson
  • Francesca Dawson
  • Janine Matheson
  • Katy West
  • Ewan Sinclair
  • Kathy Beckett
  • Hrafnhildur Halldorsdottir
  • Dominic Wilcox
  • Joy Bonfield Columbara
  • Tommy Perman
  • Jamie Sterling
  • David Kelly
  • Lucy and Catriona at Panel
  • Edwin Pickstone
  • Kate Pickering
  • Hilary Grant
  • Annie And Donny
  • Olive Pearson
  • Gabriella DiTano at Risotto
  • Yvonne and Marion at Bespoke Atelier
  • Kevin Priestly at NPI Solutions
  • Alec Farmer at Trakke
  • Alan Moore at ten30 designs
  • Eleanor Young at Fun Makes Good
  • Dan and Larry at Glasgow Press
  • Sollii & Zoe at BeFab BeCreative
  • Anna Marion
  • PFP Coachworks
  • Tunnocks Teacakes
  • Northlink Ferries
  • Signarama
  • Ross Mushet
  • Chris Hunt
  • Dame-Handyman Lady Sharon Kirby!
  • Lizzie Brotherson
  • Lucy Conway on Eiggbox
  • Rob Howard
  • Richard Crawford
  • Suzy Glass
  • Devon Walshe
  • Chris Sharrat
  • Mike Press
  • Gillian Easson
  • Margot Samel
  • Louise Valentine
  • Wendy Murray
  • John Flitcroft
  • Lotte Glob
  • Bob and Lesley Bowie
  • Doris Tydeman and Family
  • Rosie Coleman
  • Joyce McLean
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Patti Neimman
  • Meg Telfer
  • Emily Hutchison
  • Thomas Hawson
  • The Planterose Family
  • Robin Thompson
  • Kay Scott
  • Ingrid Tait
  • Elsie Mitchell
  • Dougal Stewart
  • Sarah Saunders
  • Tara Wainright
  • The Craft Scotland Team
  • Hazel Brodie
  • David Cook and WASPS.
  • Pamela Conacher
  • Avril Souter
  • Nuno Sacramento and the team at Scottish Sculpture Workshops
  • Tim Parsons
  • Daniel Michalik
  • Mil Stricevic
  • Gordon Hush


Fi Scott
June 01, 2017



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