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10 Metal Fabricators in Scotland

From the roar of a foundry to the clanging and shunting of metal; visiting a metal fabricator is a full body experience.

These ten Scottish manufacturers cover all areas of metal fabriction, from welding to casting, folding, cutting and finishing. Some all in one place. Have a read below and find the factory for you.

1. Archibald Young, Foundry, Glasgow

Archibald Young specialise in casting, proofing and finishing cast components from aluminium, copper based and iron alloys. They are brilliant for short run projects, they can also produce one offs for you. They are happy to offer advice and if the job isn’t quite right for them they’ll point you in the right direction.

2.  J.G.B Steelcraft, Metal Fabrication, Glasgow

If you’re looking for someone that can help you with your full fabrication process J.G.B offer a one stop shop. From Laser, Plasma and Water Jet Cutting, CNC Punching, Folding, Fabrication to Powder Coating. They work a range of clients from artists to parts from nuclear reactors.

3. Edinburgh Cast Metals, Foundry, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Cast Metals uses the traditional process of Green Sand Moulding which is an age old traditional process in foundry work. They are the last foundry in Edinburgh to use this technique. They specialise in cast iron work, with a focus on architectural pieces and fabrication for artists.

Work with Edinburgh Cast Metals 

4. Industrial Springs, Spring Manufacturer, Glasgow

A whole factory dedicated to the forming of springs from forming to finishing all in-house. They can produce spring from under 100mm to 1m in length. They can produce one single spring or tens of thousands of the same one.

5. Neptune Fabrications, Metal Fabrication, Glasgow

Established in 1977, Neptune Fabrications, make and fold metals for industrial use. The brake press can fold sheet metal up to 3m. Their guillotine can handle up to 3m - through 12 inch thick steel or 8mm stainless steel. Their work can be found in stainless steel sinks, or display units.

6. Reekie Steeltec, Metal Fabrication, Arbroath, Angus

If you can produce a drawing; Reekie Steeltec can cut it out of metal, using laser profiling, water jet cutting and press brakes. They typically work with the transport and oil industries, but can also produce small scale work for artists and designers. They can fold parts up to 4000mm long and paint parts up to 6000mm long.

7. IHE Stainless, Metal Fabrication, Cumbernauld

Metal fabricators IHE Stainless work with almost any type of metal to make one off, bespoke metal pieces. Although they prefer to work with people with some experience, they can get involved in early stage projects too.

8. 3LA, Artist Fabrication, Sorn, Ayrshire

Specialising in fabrication of steel and timber for visual art, public sculpture, film, television and advertising. 3LA can also work as a 'flying factory', creating temporary production facilities and crew for large-scale projects.

9. Black Isle Bronze, Foundry, Nairn, Highlands

Black Isle Bronze are a leading fine art, architectural and memorial bronze and aluminium foundry. Production includes sand casting and lost wax techniques. They fabricate fine art sculpture including figurines, plaques, furniture, memorials and architectural details.

10. Highland Colour Coaters

Specialists in Hot Dip Galvanizing and Powder Coating for steel and aluminium, from garden gates, structural work and sculpture. Their special pre-treatment process ensures that excellent adhesion and consistent quality of the coating. 

If you are interested in finding out more about fabrication of all sorts of materials - you should check out these ten factories.

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