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Of course not everyone is a maker, or wants to learn a new skill. Take a look at these makers who are manufacturing in Scotland and making beautiful things that you can share with your friends and loved ones.

1. Knitwear  - Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent - Sanquhar

There is just a limited collection available of Jennifer Kent's Sanquhar knit, celebrating the knitting heritage of Southern Scotland. However she has just launched her latest collection celebrating the North East, with Shetland.

2. Contemporary Glass - North Coast Glass

Contemporary Glass Bauble - North Coast Glass
North Coast Glass (find them on Make Works here) have created a beautiful glass bauble for the festive season. All presented in individual gift boxes. 

3. Canvas Bags - Trakke

Trakke - Canvas Bags

Famous for their canvas backpacks and messenger bags designed and made in Glasgow, using Halley Stevensons waxed cotton, Trakke also have a range of accessories perfect for storing all sorts of bits and bobs. We like this Gask Tool Roll.

4. Knitwear Accessories - Hilary Grant  

Hilary Grant Knitwear

Hilary's recent work incorporates a new technique, , and with their biggest blanket ever, you can be sure to keep your lucky gift receiver wrapped up throughout winter.

5. Concrete Objects - Studio Emma

Studio Emma - Concrete Objects

When you see Studio Emma's concrete vessels, it's really hard to keep your hands off them. The texture and bold colourways are really exciting! From small alphabet letters to bigger vases, there's something for all kinds of budgets.

To Make

It might be a little close to Christmas to start making something from scratch, but why not give the gift of making this year. From short courses to one off workships, to things that you can make locally. 

1. Tile, Pinch, Slab, Coil, Ceramics Course - Craft Scotland

Ceramics Course

This selection of four classes, can be taken as a course or one off workshops. Beginners can go on a journey from 2D shapes to 3D objects eventually ending up with a bowl, pot or mug. 

2. Riso Printing - Risotto Studio

Learn Riso Printing with Risotto Studio

With more courses soon to be announced or private Riso Printing sessions on offer, Risotto Studio is Scotland's leading Risograph print specialist, so you'll be in safe hands.

3. Cushion + Lampshade Printing - Laura Spring

Laura Spring has recently added a cushion printing course to her selection of print classes. You can learn how to create and print your own cushions and lampshades. 

4. Furniture - Open Desk

If you're seeking a bigger challenge, Open Desk have all their designs online for you to download. You can then locate a local manufacturer to make them up for you, many of which are listed on Make Works. 

5. Craft Beer - Stewart Brewing

Brew your own craft beer

In Scotland's first brew-your-own facility, Stewart Brewing gets you involved in the full beer making process. From the beginning to end, they'll teach you about the different ingredients, and what produces the best tastes for your palette. 

To Make With

We've found these brilliant little kits to get people started on their making journey at home. 

1. Make your own badges - EBadges

Make your own badge kit

A great little piece of kit that makes badge making super easy! Just cut out your favourite designs and then turn them into pins and badges.

2. DIY Screenprinting Kit - Dinky Screens

Screen Printing from home

If you think your giftee would prefer to learn about screenprinting at home, then this kit comes with everything they need to get started.

To Repair

Sometimes the best gift is fixing something that people have already, or giving them the tools to fix it themselves.

1. Sugru - Sugru

Fix anything with Sugru

Mouldable glue that can fix pretty much anything. Perfect for craft projects too, and if you hurry they are doing a 4 for 3 special offer.

2. Upholstery - Glasgow Furniture Collective

Upholstery - Glasgow Furniture Collective

Do you have a bit of furniture that needs a bit of love? The Glasgow Furniture Collective will repair and re-upholster any much loved piece of furniture. They'll also teach you how to fix it yourself. Find more upholstery on Make Works here

3. Tool Kits for Anything - IFixit

IFixit Tool Kits

We got a bit excited when we spotted these toolkits for DIY tinkerers and professionals. Something for every sort of electronics repair job, like phones or laptops.  

4. Leather Repairs - McRostie

Repair tired leather with McRostie

Based in Howwood, just South of Glasgow McRostie bring incredible quality to any repair, rescuing even the most worn and dry leather and bringing it back to life.  

5. Wool Fillers - WoolFiller

Fix those moth eaten woollens

We're so in love with this idea of making a feature out of your holey woollens. Using wool's natural miniscule scales which open up when they are pricked with a felt needle. The open scales bind with each other and will not be separated. Not even in the wash.

Is there something you think we've missed? Let us know. 

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