How is Tinsel Made?

We’ve been wondering; how is tinsel actually made? Luckily we found some videos online and discovered that there is in fact a tinsel making machine! Read more

Made Works: Fuck You Mugs

Creatives Lizzie Malcolm and Dan Powers worked with McLaggan Smith to produce a new collaboration and to give something back this Christmas. Read more

Make Works Guide to Christmas

This year we've got you sorted for Christmas. From things to make, things to buy, and how to get things repaired. Read more

How to build strong relationships with factories

We’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for building relationships with the factories that you are working with. Read more

Shop Small this Christmas

We wanted to share some really great Scottish shopping events that are coming up in December. Read more

Introducing Make Works UAE

It's our pleasure to welcome our first international Make Works team Read more

Introducing Make Works Sweden

It's our pleasure to welcome Sweden to Make Works Read more

Why Open Matters

What do we mean by 'open' and why does it matte for the internet, for manufacturing and for Make Works? Read more

10 Metal Fabricators in Scotland

From the roar of a foundry to the clanging and shunting of metal; visiting a metal fabricator is a full body experience. Read more

Wool Week: Wool what is it good for?

There is a huge variety of wool available, it's vital to understand their intricacies before choosing your fabric Read more

Made Works: Kevin Hunt

Liverpool based artist Kevin Hunt discusses the production of a series of new sculptures working with Aquajet Profiles in Coventry. Read more

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