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We provide comprehensive grading reports for Natural Diamonds, Gemstones, Jewelry, and Lab-Grown Diamonds, ensuring the utmost accuracy, adherence to standards, and consistency. Our team at IDL comprises internationally renowned gemologists and experienced graders who strictly adhere to a code of conduct. We are supported by an innovative knowledge center consisting of physicists, engineers, and researchers. Our reports meticulously describe the characteristics of each jewel, following thorough examinations with specialized equipment such as 10X magnification loupes, binoculars, microscopes, spectrometers, Raman spectroscopy, FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) devices, optical measuring instruments, and other appropriate processes allowed by the design and material of the jewelry. Grading of Diamonds, Gemstones, or similar materials is performed as mounting permits. Additionally, we offer top-quality corporate training programs focused on diamonds and gemstones.

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Established by Mr. Peter Meeus, the Honorary Chairman of the Dubai Diamond Exchange, International Diamond Laboratories (IDL) has been a stalwart in the jewelry industry since 2006. With a 17-year legacy, IDL has been steadfastly serving the jewelry and diamond sector across the GCC, boasting a team of highly qualified and skilled diamond graders and gemologists. As an ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory, IDL's commitment to international standards in quality and laboratory management is unwavering. Distinguishing itself further, IDL is the sole Middle Eastern laboratory affiliated with the prestigious International Colored Stones Association (ICA). Leading the helm as our Head of Laboratory is Dr. Francesco Natale, a renowned gemologist in the region. IDL's gemstone reports enjoy unparalleled trust and credibility among gemstone dealers and buyers in the region. Their esteemed clientele includes major jewelry chain retailers such as Jawhara Jewellery, Cara Jewellers, Dhamani Jewels, Puregold Jewellers, Monili Jewellers, Bafleh Jewellery, Swiss Corner, Princes House, Kooheji Jewellers, and Al Fardan Jewellery.

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