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Avani, has developed biodegradable products to look, feel, and perform like plastic, but are NOT PLASTIC! All our products have been manufactured utilizing rapidly renewable plant-based bioplastics material, responsibly sourced paper, to produce the most sustainable packaging solutions for your business (cassava starch & vegetable oil derivatives, FSC certified paper, cornstarch, sugarcane fiber, potato starch). We offer an all-encompassing solution to replace disposable plastic. Our range covers everything from shopping bags to food and beverage packaging, and even extends to hotel amenities. Every product from Avani holds biodegradable certification, ensuring its natural breakdown in soil or landfills with the aid of microorganisms. Our Star Products are 1. Cassava Bags and Bio-Veg-Potato Starch Bags are revolutionary bags that are eco-friendly as they have very low carbon footprint in comparison to plastic and paper bags and they do not require an industrial facility to turn them into compost. 2. Biodegradable garbage bags - are home compostable to replace hazardous plastic ones that roam the earth forever. 3.Hot Water-soluble, Laundry bags that can go directly into the washing machine with clothe.

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Avani was established in the year of 2014 spearheaded by individuals who strive to be difference makers utilizing technology as a solution to combat the global epidemic of plastic pollution. Avani provides a game-changing compostable bioplastic made from cassava starch as well as a full range of sustainable food packaging and hospitality products made from renewable resources. Through years of research and development before its launch, Avani have came up with groundbreaking technology that enables them to replace the otherwise disposable plastic products which take hundreds and even thousands of years to be decomposed by Mother nature by using renewable resources made from plants. Parallel to that, as a social impact enterprise, they are committed to exercise good corporate governance through our business practices as well as adopting the Triple Bottom Line approach in assuring the sustainability of our business. Avani has been able to manufacture shopping and e-commerce parcel bags for esteemed companies Virgin, Dubai Duty Free, Majid al Futtaim.