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Natural materials are used at every stage of their production. Dyes are created using locally available plants such as tansy, woad and lady's bedstraw. Dyes are pumped through to yarns, waiting in steam heated dye cabinets, in which the yarns become impregnated with the natural colours. Clients do not need to know much more than what colour they are looking for and a rough quantity. Colours are for guidance only and we do not have all the shades in stock all of the time. Depending on where and when collection took place; and whether the dyestuff used was fresh or dried changes the colour of the dye. Designers are advised to identify a range of colours, and yarn. A sample can then be sent out. Ordering enough per project is important, as there is no guarantee to dye the same colour again.

Turnaround TimeSame day - 4 weeks
Starting Cost£8
Production Access Closed
File TypesColour swatches


Wool Angora Cashmere Silk Lambswool Alpaca Wool


Yarn Preparation Yarn Inspection Steam Finishing of Yarn Yarn Drying Natural Yarn Dyeing


Yarn Dyeing Machines

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Company History

Originally set up by Eva with a need to use the wool from her sheep on Skye.

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ContactEva Lambert
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AddressIsle of Skye
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