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Press Launch and Residents

On Friday we ran our Press Launch for the Make Works tour, at Summerhall in Edinburgh. The morning was an exciting one, bringing together the majority of the team for the project, with a realisation that we only have a few weeks to go! 

We also announced our eight tour residents; Dominic Wilcox, Ewan Sinclair, Hrafnhildur Halldorsdottir, Janine Matheson,  Joy Bonfield Colombara, Katy West, Kathy Beckett and Neil McGuire, the majority of whom were with us.  (missing-in-photo-action goes to Dominic Wilcox, Neil McGuire and Katy West due to a combination of practical / geographical factors) More info about them all here.

 These eight will be joining us for five days at a time, furthering our research, investigating ways of making and exploring ideas surrounding the tour. It was fantastic bringing everyone together, and afterwards listening in to conversations and realising the shared interest in making, materials, craftsmanship and place that this collective group have. Some very exciting, and eclectic combinations.

Huge thanks go to Shonagh Manson and the rest of the team at the Jerwood Charitable Foundation for supporting us through the work involved in creating the residency programme, and being able to bring this type of work on board. 

Caroline Parkinson from our other supporters, Creative Scotland joined us at the launch too and said a few words about the project; it was a brilliant moment for the team, in realising the impact that Make Works can have for the creative industries across Scotland.

Dr Jamie Coleman from TechCube, also joined us; placing Make Works into the digital landscape and highlighting the potential for the data we return with. Really, we can't thank him enough for keeping us going and for his countless hours of advice into this project. 

We were also able to bring together the core team, including our creative partners, Luke Moodley and Simon Ray from the Edinburgh Film Company who are key to our delivery of the project in film; and  Ross Fraser McLean who is now joining us to visually document the project. It's going to be a pretty full wee VW over the summer!

So now - with two weeks to go before we leave - the adrenaline is kicking in and we've got alot of map-making to do ...

Press Release can be downloaded here.


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