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Today we visited NPI Solutions in Irvine, to film and gain further information about the manufacturing services they provide. Having previously visted them in the summer, we had already been really impressed by both the quality of production, and openness of the company being able to fabricate from one offs to larger scale production runs. 

Hidden among yet another fascinating industrial estate (we get pretty excited driving through these) NPI are a sub-contracting manufacturer, specialising in low and medium volume production. By contrast to the scale of Bespoke Atelier yesterday, NPI provide a wide range of industrial machining (often metal) processes, employ 35 people and turnover 2million a year. At first glance you might not think you are able to approach them unless you are well established and producing 1000’s of units. Yet what really impresses us is how open NPI are about working with designers, entrepreneurs and other creatives that may require initial small scale production and design. As MD Kevin Priestly says “anyone is welcome at NPI”, and we feel this really opens up the possibilities of local outsourcing and manufacture in the Glasgow area. 

Filming at NPI was slightly more challenging than our experiences the day before; from louder sound content, the challenges of shooting in the Scottish rain, to Vana leaning perhaps a bit too close (camera in hand) into the adonising bath… However, we hope to be expert in this by the time we finish with three months on the road!  

What NPI really highlighted for us though, was the importance of bringing manufacture back to the UK, and being able to ensure the high level of quality production, even in small batches. From adonising, screenprinting, laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC machining the potential of what could be made in one space was great, and this is reflected in their client list which includes Linn HiFi systems, the MOD and Pride and Joy furniture. We recommend them for SME’s, designers and entrepreneurs looking to get a product to market. 

We are still to decide on our next initial short before we hit the road, so if you would like to be considered please get in touch. Otherwise, it’s onwards and upwards with practicing our film making skills; and to persuade companies to sponsor us on the tour. 

More information can be found about NPI here.

Images from the day can be found here.


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