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Make Works Milan is collaboratively curated by a local network of creatives, makers and manufacturers. The EU project CENTRINNO, which seeks to put citizens at the core of sustainable transformation, gives us the framework to develop our region. 

Make Works Milan aims to develop an inclusive, circular and productive ecosystem together with the community of manufacturers, makers and creatives. To make Make Works Milan we partnered up with Nema, BASE Milano, and other network members to showcase the potential productivity and creativity of Milan. 

Make Works Milan is being developed in the EU project CENTRINNO. CENTRINNO is a four-year research project focused on industrial historical sites undergoing transformation. It will showcase the potential of these historic areas to become part of a new industrial revolution that puts citizens at the core of a sustainable transformation. Leveraging the potential of underutilised historic spaces to become creative production and manufacturing hubs, Centrinno envisions sustainable and inclusive futures for the city and its residents.

Nema is a hub for the development of urban manufacturing in the metropolitan city of Milan, through an intelligent and connected network of actors. BASE Milano is a project of innovation and cultural contamination, in the heart of Zona Tortona, Milan. 

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Manifattura Milano

“Manifattura Milano” è il programma del Comune di Milano che ha l’obiettivo di rendere la città un ecosistema abilitante per la nascita, l’insediamento e la crescita di imprese operanti nel
campo della manifattura digitale e del nuovo artigianato.

“Manifattura Milano” is the program of the Municipality of Milan which aims to make the city an enabling ecosystem for the birth, establishment and growth of companies operating in the
field of digital manufacturing and new craftsmanship.

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