Production details

Premier Patterns' skilled craftsmen can make almost any type and scale of pattern for processes including casting, CNC machining and vac forming. They use cad cam technology to design and produce large scale polystyrene patterns and models and also have a wealth of experience in general wood and ureol pattern-making for when larger batches of castings, or different materials are required. Their core business is the supply of castings for press tools in the Automotive and Aerospace industries and the production of boat hull plugs and moulds in polystyrene EPS, Pu foam and polyurethane tooling model board for the Marine industry. However they have also worked with artists and designers to produce sculpture and theatre props using CNC cutting and casting processes and are happy to offer advice expert advice and a competitive price.

Turnaround Time
3-5 Days
File Types
pdf, jpeg, dxf, dgk, dwg, iges, stp, x_t, stl
Minimum Order
Production Access
Works With
  • Large business
  • Small companies
  • Professionals
  • General public
  • Students
  • Bespoke 1-offs



Premier Patterns was established in the Black Country in 1996 by Andrew Timmins and Richard Irwin and became a limited company in 2004. They have always worked extensively with the automotive, aerospace, marine and locomotive manufacturing sectors where precision is key. In November 2016 Richard decided it was time to move on, and since then Andrew has run the company with the help of his wife, Mandy who is their Financial Director. The company continues to grow and its experienced and adaptable workforce continues to invest in updating their services and equipment to meet the increasingly complex demands of their customers.