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The Cité Maraichère is different from other vertical farms in France because all processes work with low tech skills, without using artificial light and with natural ventilation. This city hall equipment is focusing on sustainable and inclusive food. Driven by the City of Romainville, in the East of Paris, the Cité Maraîchère is a team of a director, gardeners and animation facilitators. The Cite maraichère is a job integration workshop as well, with individual supports for workers to facilitate the return to employment, with quality expectations. In a year, the Cité Maraichere can produce 4 tons of oyster mushrooms and shiitake, and approximately a hundred kilos of tomatoes in a week.

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By Appointment: Access to visit the facitilies depending on the project and Workshop & Classes
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The building that hosts the Cité Maraichère was delivered in january 2021. This is not only a vegetable gardening vertical farm. The ground floor is also a place of animation and sensitisation to different audiences, with a friendly bar named Café Cantine. Social innovation is the heart of this public program and the city links smart job integration workshops to selling prices for the production regarding social criteria. As a municipal equipment, the Cité maraichère is integrated in a dynamic manner with other equipment such as a community center, a retirement home, a library…