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J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. are a one-stop manufacturer for bookbinding requirements. They are able to sell individually-cut pieces of leather through to medium runs. Typically they work with libraries, museums, schools, colleges, book binders, conservators and restorers. They sell a wide range of tools and materials required for bookbinding including glues and boards. They do note that as leather is manufactured from a natural product, the finished skins will vary.

Turnaround Time4-6 weeks
Starting Cost£100 - £500
Production Access By appointment
File TypesPDF, JPEG


Leather Sheepskin Calf Goat



Works With

Large Businesses
Small Companies
General Public


Bespoke 1-offs
Short Run
Medium Run
Large Run

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Company History

This 7th generation family run business can be traced back to 1806 when the family ran a shoemakers shop in Edinburgh. In 1824 the business was expanded to incorporate a leather warehouse. The company primarily supplied leather to independent shoe makers. This service remained part of the business until 1966 due to the decline of independent shoe makers. It is thought that the business started offering bookbinding services soon after it began trading, at which time there was a large publishing business in Edinburgh. In 1948 the company bought a London-based bookbinder supplier, which remains part of the company's offering today.

Contact J Hewit and Sons Leather

ContactDavid Lanning
Sales Director
Phone+44 1506444160
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Address12 Nettlehill Road, Houstoun Industrial Estate, Livingston, EH54 5DL
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