Make Works HQ is made up of a small team distributed between Glasgow and Edinburgh. We frequently collaborate with freelancers for specific projects and meet with our fantastic advisory group on a regular basis. 

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Fi Scott | Founder 

Fi is a manufacturing geek and the founder of Make Works, which she started in her final year studying product design at Glasgow School of Art. She spends her time between design and strategy for the organisation, but her favourite thing to do is still visiting the makers, manufacturers and industrial estates of Scotland.

Twitter: @fimakeswork

Helen Voce | Regions Co-Ordinator

Helen is a supporter of creative people and creative industries. She works locally, nationally, internationally and voluntarily. Helen designs, produces and facilitates opportunities, initiatives and spaces in which practitioners, microbusinesses, projects and organisations can realise their full creative and professional potential.

Helen joined the team to co-ordinate the regional programme for Make Works to be both a Caretaker and Ranger for the Make Works regions. The role involves supporting groups both nationally and internationally to join and have a positive experience working with the Make Works project. 

Twitter: @helenvoce 

Kaye Symmington, Paved with Gold | Communications

Kaye is leading the communications and social media for Make Works; with a particular focus on widening our audience to develop crowdfunding through the Patreon project as a key part of our business model. 

Twitter: @pavedwithgold

Lizzie Malcolm and Daniel Powers, Rectangle Design | Web Experiments

We first worked with Lizzie and Dan in 2015 when we asked them to look at ways we could improve our browing the Make Works database. Since then, they've helped us develop new ways we can work with our API to take our database to the rest of the web, such as the Make Works Extension project. 

Twitter: @rctngle

Jamie Sterling | Front End Web

Jamie has been leading the front end development of the Make Works platform since 2013. 

Twitter: @jamie_sterling

Martin Clarke | Software and Search

Martin has been leading the software and database development of the Make Works platform since 2013. 

Twitter: @mclarke

Collaborators and Contributors

Hilde Frydnes - SEO, Content Strategy (Ongoing) and Boatswain for MW V1

Vana Coleman - Illustrator, designer and driver on the Make Works Tour

Ross Fraser McLean - Photographer on the Make Works Tour

Edinburgh Film Company - Film partners (Scotland) 2013-2017

Janine Matheson - Producer and curator for the Make Works Residencies

Lottie Burnley - Operations, 2014-2016 (Currently on maternity leave)

Eoin Carey - Photographer

Joanna Crawford - Photographer

Gordon Burniston - Photographer

Struan Barr - UX/UI Design for MW V1

Toby Triumph - Illustrator

Sean Mulvenna - Illustrator

A Day Out - Designers

Make Works Advisory Group

Neil McGuire - After the News

Roy Mohan Shearer - Zero Waste Design

Richard Clifford - MAKLab

Catherine Docherty - Journey Associates

We are currently looking for 3 new members of the advisory board, please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved!


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