Make Works started because we wanted to make manufacturing in Scotland more accessible. Now we teach passionate people in other places how to do the same!

If you see a need to make manufacturing more accessible where you live then you can set up a Make Works for your area. We recommend working on a city scale - and in terms of local manufacturing, we don’t recommend anywhere much larger than Scotland.

We'll teach you how to go about mapping and filming manufacturers, as well as giving you access to our database software, resources and tools we've made that make the project easier to run. You can also get involved in research training to shadow-factory filming or 1-1 Skypes with the Make Works team. 

In exchange, we’ll be asking for an annual contribution which can go towards the shared running costs of the website. This is significantly lower than what it would cost to set up a similar platform from scratch and means that collectively we will have capacity to do things like fix website bugs, develop new features and make improvements to how the site works. 

To get more of an understanding of our history as an organisation and what we are about, you can find out more here. You can also browse the About pages of our existing regions to find out who has started a Make Works in their area and why.

If it seems like something you are serious about making happen then send us an email explaining who you are and why you’d love to start your region to Helen Voce, Make Works Regions Co-Ordinator

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