Scotland is the original Make Works region, which was founded in 2012. The first 85 manufacturers were visited on a three month factory finding road trip in the back of an old VW Campervan. You can read more about the Make Works Story here: https://make.works/about#Story.


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Hospitalfied in Industry: Residency Programme

September 2015 saw Make Works work in partnership with [Hospitalfield](http://www.hospitalfield.org.uk/), to run a residency programme that immerses artists, designers and makers onto the factory floor of Scottish manufacturers listed on Make Works. [Read more](http://www.makeworks.co.uk/blog/textile-designers-in-a-resin-factory)

Make Works Roulette

Make Works Roulette is a manufacturing inspiration tool. It's loop of randomly selected factory listings is designed to inspire people to try out a new fabrication process. It was built by [Open Work](http://www.openwork.net/) , as part of a project looking at other ways we could utilise the Make Works data set and archive. [Read more](http://www.makeworks.co.uk/blog/roulette)

Make Works Extension

A plug in for your Chrome browser that shows you alternative ways to manufacture products on the IKEA website. Built in collaboration with Rectangle and the RCA Redistributed Manufacturing research project. [Find out more](http://extension.make.works/)

Dundee Design Festival: Factory Floor Residency

We partnered up with Dundee Design Festival to embed three artists and designers with local factories across Scotland. [Read more](http://2017.dundeedesignfestival.com/residencies/)


Helen Voce

[@helenvoce ](https://twitter.com/helenvoce) Helen joined the team in Scotland to co-ordinate the regional programme for Make Works.

Jamie Sterling

Front End Web Developer [@Jamie_Sterling](https://twitter.com/jamie_sterling) / [jamiesterling.co.uk](http://jamiesterling.co.uk/) Jamie has been leading the front end development of the Make Works platform since 2013.

Lizzie Malcolm and Dan Powers, Rectangle Design

[@rctngle](https://twitter.com/rctngle) We first worked with Lizzie and Dan in 2015 when we asked them to look at ways we could improve our browsing the Make Works database. Since then, they've helped us develop new ways we can work with our API to take our database to the rest of the web, such as the Make Works Extension project.

Funders & Partners

Creative Scotland

[Creative Scotland](http://www.creativescotland.com/) have supported a number of Make Works projects since 2013, such as the Make Works Tour, the first version of the site and our ongoing in work in developing new business models. They continue to be a key funder in our work.

William Grant Foundation

The William Grant Foundation support us with filming costs and the overheads with researching and growing our directory for makers in Scotland.


In Scotland, Make Works are experimenting using new ways to financially support our work. One of these is monthly crowdfunding platform, Patreon. [View our wall of Patron's!](https://make.works/patronwall)

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