Make Works use Creative Commons Non-Commercial licence 4.0 to licence all of our content. This means you can share and adapt our manufacturing photography and films for any non commercial purpose, provided that you attribute and link to Make Works. 

This means that listed manufacturers can use our images and films on their websites or at exhibitions and tradeshows, provided that they are not selling the images on. It also means that educational, cultural or other public projects can utilise our archive. 

  • The easiest way to use our films is simply to embed them directly from our Vimeo library. 
  • The easiest way to use our photography is to save images directly from the website. 

Please make sure to attribute Make Works as a source, by crediting and linking to the Make Works website when using these images. 

If you are a non-commercial venture and are looking for a high-resolution copy of one of our films or photographs please email

Commercial Use

We frequently get requests from book editors, journalists, magazines, agencies and larger commercial companies looking to use our images for a client or project. Provided that we understand what this is to be used for (and agree to it), we can licence high-resolution images for both print and web use.

We charge a reproduction fee for this service to cover our costs. Fees are project specific, but this guide is a rough of what to expect. Note: All fees are subject to + VAT. 

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