Production Specifics

Stevie works to commissions, and so any request would be considered using specific materials including glass, metal, oxides and fusing paints. Stevie is open to collaborating and working with a mixture of materials and sizes. Equipment is limited to a glass kiln and a glass grinder, but other than these restrictions anything might be possible. Stevie uses a process which starts with thousands of crushed or hand cut pieces of glass being placed on the base of a kiln. By layering these with details such as metal wire or glass paints she can create bespoke designs with endless possibilities before and after firing.

Turnaround Time2-6 weeks
Starting CostUp to £100
Production Access workshops & classes
File TypesGet in-touch


Coated Glass Fiber Glass Fire Resistant Glass Glass Composite Glass Fibre Sheet Glass Stained Glass


Cold Work Glass Glass Casting Glass Cutting Glass Fusing Glass Painting


Furnace Enamelling kiln Pendant drill Propane soldering torch

Works With

Large Businesses
Small Companies
General Public


Bespoke 1-offs
Short Run
Medium Run
Large Run

Video: Make Works Derby and Derbyshire visits Stevie Davies at Banks Mill Studios.

Company History

Stevie graduated with a BA in Contemporary Decorative Craft from the University of Lincoln in 2007 and started her arts practise soon after. It was during the 3 year course where she first worked with glass, and subsequently chose it as her specialist material. Now with over 11 years experience of running workshops in a variety of mediums, her recent practice concentrates on collaborative working, curating exhibits & developing public engagement activities. Her passion for colour and texture suits this way of working, appealing to collaborating artists and the general public. Stevie has a passion for what she creates, experimenting with new and inquisitive designs all the time. Her products represent this ever-growing interest in the material of glass and how it can be worked with in a multitude of ways.

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ContactStevie Davies
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AddressStudio 2.1,
Banks Mill Studios,
71 Bridge Street,
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