Make Works Derby and Derbyshire Coordinator Laura Dudley gets out and about to shine a light on the people behind the listings in their Make Works region finding out more about their business and what they are currently up to.

The fantastic Derbyshire Laser offer premium laser cutting and engraving services from their site based in Derby. As a dynamic duo, Rachel and Peter are always seeking out opportunities to take on new challenges and support clients in developing their ideas from just that, a simple idea in their head, to a physical product. I have been captivated by their motivation and passion for what they do, and for giving the highest quality of client experience. Since our visit to Derbyshire Laser earlier this year to produce their Make Works Derby and Derbyshire listing we have gotten to know this business, and see the growing enthusiasm and potential opportunity for laser cutting in Derby.

Rachel and Peter originate from Scotland, as does Make Works itself. They first heard about Make Works' Founder Fi Scott’s adventures around industries and manufacturers in Scotland whilst at university, and were inspired and intrigued by this opportunity for makers to showcase their work in one place. Thus, when the time came that we were developing our first strand of listings in Derby and Derbyshire, they were excited to be involved. Derbyshire Laser is just one of many examples of how Make Works has engaged and inspired people across the UK and Europe, from students to emerging and established makers.

Since visiting them on our filming visit we have been intrigued to find out more about this business, and the exciting projects that they are working on right now, but also how they found their experience of being listed with Make Works Derby and Derbyshire. We decided to ask them a few questions to see what they have been up to, and what their highlights of being involved with Make Works have been so far. Here are their answers:

What was it that made you want to be listed on Make Works Derby and Derbyshire?

Derby and Derbyshire has a deep history in manufacturing and we wanted to show our part in its future. Derby itself has traditionally focused on larger scale manufacturing and we think that this is great. Make Works are bringing the smaller independent manufacturers to the forefront of industrial searches and highlighting places that you might not have known about.

How did you find the filming visit? What was a highlight for you?

The filming was very easy going and relaxed. The whole team were engaging and made us feel comfortable and made it clear what was expected of us. I think the real highlight for us was seeing how the team engaged with our work. We don’t get to see much face-to-face interactions with our products so it was great to see their reactions and to see how much the team admired and enjoyed the work we produce.

Could you tell us about an exciting project you have worked on recently?

We were contacted by the American Pickleball Association to make coasters and phone stands for the team to sell to help fundraise. We had never heard of Pickleball before so it was straight to researching to find out what the sport was like and how we would come up with 4 different coaster designs and a phone stand. We worked closely with one of the members of the American Pickleball Association to complete our new custom designs. In order to create the complex design they required we created a blend of engraving and cutting to best capture the game. It was a really fun project to work on as it challenged us to try new ways and the American Pickleball Association was over moon with the results.

What would you say is the best thing about being based in Derby?

Derby is in the middle of country so you are never that far from anything you need. The Midlands has always been famous as the industrial heart of the UK and being part of this is what has helped our business grow. With fantastic transport links to London and Birmingham, Derby is a great place for a business.

I think what has been particularly interesting about working with Derbyshire Laser has been getting an insight into where they are now, but also into their journey from students in Scotland to proud business owners in Derby. They are an amazing example of how having a passion and developing a skill can lead you in all sorts of new directions, and to all sorts of projects. The shear amount of time, detail and thought that goes in to their processes is truly breath-taking and they are definitely one to watch in Derby industry.

To keep up-to-date with Derbyshire Laser follow them on Instagram and Facebook @derbyshirelaser.

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