Is wood sustainable and where should you be buying it from?

Make Works explore the sawmills of Scotland and how can you make sure that you are buying wood that is sustainably sourced. Read more

Where can I get models and prototypes made?

The first step to getting your idea into the world is to start making a prototype or model. Here's a list of some makers, workshops and manufacturers in Scotland who can help you out. Read more

Make Works picks from Glasgow International

In 2016 the GI focusses on Glasgow's relationship to industry, so we've compiled a list of exhibitions for those interested in materials, processes and production. Read more

A list of 3D Printers in Scotland

Wondering where you can find someone to 3D Print something for you? Or where to get access to a 3D Printer? Look no further – here's a list of the 3D Printers in Scotland that you'll find on Make Works. Read more

Make Works visits Atolye Istanbul

Find out what Fi's getting up to this week in Turkey Read more

10 Scottish manufacturers for Architects

Here is a list of 10 Scottish fabricators and material suppliers that we have listed on Make Works that we think all architects should know about. Read more

10 Scottish manufacturers for fashion designers

There's a growing textile and fashion industry in Scotland. Here are some of the fantastic Scottish seamstresses, tailors, material suppliers and garment production factories that you can find on Make Works. Read more

Machine Monday : Risograph Press

What is a Risograph Printer and how does it work? Read more

10 Scottish manufacturers for interior designers

Are you an interior designer? Keen to specify local materials and makers but no idea where to start? Read more

A list of Laser Cutters in Scotland

Laser Cutting enables you to produce high quality, finished pieces in a couple of hours. Here are some of the laser cutters listed on Make Works from all over Scotland. Read more

Five manufacturers for leather in Scotland.

From industrial scale tanneries, to one man band saddlers; Scotland still has a thriving leather industry. Here are five of the best small scale manufacturers, tanneries and leather workers carrying on the age old practice of leather-working from all across Scotland. Read more

Guide to fabrication courses in Scotland: the workshops and classes where you can learn a making skill.

New Year is an opportunity to learn a skill. To inspire you, we've pulled together a guide of the fabrication workshops, courses and classes in Scotland. Read more

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