10 Metal Fabricators in Scotland

From the roar of a foundry to the clanging and shunting of metal; visiting a metal fabricator is a full body experience. Read more

Made Works: Kevin Hunt

Liverpool based artist Kevin Hunt discusses the production of a series of new sculptures working with Aquajet Profiles in Coventry. Read more

Manufacturers working in wool in Scotland

Wool has a rich heritage in Scotland and so here is a list of some of the best places to get your textile designs made. Read more

Letterpress Printers in Scotland

Five places that specialise in printing with letterpress on Make Works. Read more

Artists and designers using rug tufting to make work.

If the whirr of tufting guns and clamouring up meters of scaffolding don't inspire you, these projects will. Read more

What is Plasma Cutting and how can I use it?

The dazzlingly bright torch of a plasma cutter can be found in most metal fabrication shops. We explain what plasma cutting is and what you can do with it. Read more

8 incredible techniques and processes for working in StoneĀ 

Always heavy, always long-lasting - stone can be rough, smooth, precise, complex, dry, brittle and is be found in an array of complex natural patterns and colours. Here are 8 stoneworking techniques and where you can find them on Make Works. Read more

6 new Scottish Design projects celebrating our industrial roots

Welcome, World, here are some of our favourite new Scottish design projects focussing on manufacturing and making in 2016. Read more

5 makers for your Made in Scotland Wedding

Here are 5 Scottish makers that Make Works founder, Fi Scott, worked with for her own wedding this summer. Read more

What is Powder Coating and how can I use it?

Powder coating is the process of choice for contemporary designers this year. How does this process work and where can you find powder coaters in Scotland? Read more

Graduates Guide: how to carry on making

With degree show just round the corner, you'll be glad to hear that whether you're looking to start your own business, find an open access workshop or become an apprentice, there are loads of ways to carry on making in Scotland after graduating. Read more

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