Factory Profile: Clifton Steel

Ruth Claxton interviews Roger Shafi from Birmingham steel stockholders, Clifton Steel about what it is like to work with creative companies. Read more

Factory Friday: Glasgow Sculpture Studios

This week we interview David McAllister from Glasgow Sculpture Studios abut how the way artists make work has changed over the past 20 years. Read more

Factory Friday: Laser Flair

This week we interview Jane Banks from laser cutting business Laser Flair in Fife who works with other small businesses to bring their ideas to life. Read more

"Why is local manufacturing important?"

For Factory Friday this week, we've rounded up some of our favourite fabricator answers to the question "Why is local manufacturing important?" Read more

Factory Friday: SPLINTR

This week we interview SPLINTR, who tell us about how their drive to 'make a job, rather than take a job' resulted in running a busy fabrication business, straight out of university. Read more

The Make Works Guide to manufacturing in Edinburgh

Both a practical guide to manufacturing in Edinburgh and some historical perspective on how the capital is emerging as a center of micro manufacturing in Scotland. Read more

Factory Friday: Downie Allison Downie Bookbinders

This week we speak with Glasgow's master bookbinder, Downie Allison Downie Read more

Factory Friday: Edinburgh Printmakers

For this week's Factory Friday we speak with Edinburgh Printmakers about how they've been keeping the spirit of the collective alive for nearly fifty years. Read more

Factory Friday: Flux Laser Studio

Alice from Flux Laser Studio tells us what it was like opening a digital fabrication studio before people really knew what digital fabrication was. Read more

Factory Friday: Wonky Woolies

This week we've interviewed Alison at Wonky Woolies, whose company manufacture custom hand-knitted hats, right in the centre of Glasgow. Read more

Factory Friday: Esk Glazing

This week we've interviewed Emma at Esk Glazing, about her small stained glass studio in Angus. Read more

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