Power Tools

We've been reading Power Tools by Geoff Peters. Found on a rainy day, on the bottom shelf of the Oxfam in Perth last weekend. It is a solid little guide to common workshop tools that are still used today. Read more

Making Art Work - The Mike Smith Studio

We've been reading Making Art Work about West London's specialist art fabricators, the Mike Smith Studio. Read more

FAB : The Coming Revolution on your Desktop - from Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication

We've been reading FAB - The coming revolution on your desktop from personal computers to personal fabrication by Neil Gershenfeld Read more

Materials for Inspirational Design

We've been reading Materials for Inspirational Design written by Chris Lefteri Read more

The Case for Working with Your Hands

We've been reading The Case for Working with Your Hands written by Matthew Crawford Read more

The Manufacturing Guides: Graphics and Packaging Production

We've been reading The Manufacturing Guides: Graphics and Packaging Production written by Rob Thompson Read more

Wood Turning Made Easy

We've been reading Wood Turning Made Easy edited by David Slater Read more

Freitag, Out of the Bag

Make Works have been reading Freitag – Out of the Bag – A story about how Swiss messenger bag manufacturer, Freitag became a company. Read more

RSA Summit on Self Employment

We've been watching the Self Employment Summit that was organised by the RSA in February. Read more

Manufactured Landscapes

We've been watching Manufactured Landscapes. A glimpse into the realities of globalisation, mass production and consumption. Read more

Podcast : Startup

Make Works have been listening to the Startup Podcast by Gimlet Media Read more

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