Made Works: Fuck You Mugs

Creatives Lizzie Malcolm and Dan Powers worked with McLaggan Smith to produce a new collaboration and to give something back this Christmas. Read more

Introducing Make Works UAE

It's our pleasure to welcome our first international Make Works team Read more

Introducing Make Works Sweden

It's our pleasure to welcome Sweden to Make Works Read more

Why Open Matters

What do we mean by 'open' and why does it matte for the internet, for manufacturing and for Make Works? Read more

Wool Week: Wool what is it good for?

There is a huge variety of wool available, it's vital to understand their intricacies before choosing your fabric Read more

The Make Works Extension

We made a plug-in that shows you alternative ways to manufacture products locally. Read more

How to find a manufacturer in Scotland

Sourcing manufacturers is a constant challenge for creatives and small businesses alike. Here are some top tips for your factory finding research. Read more

Glass manufacturers in Scotland

Some of our most memorable factory visits are inside the world of oxides, gases, colour, viscosity and malleable shapes that is glass. Here are eight Scottish glass manufacturers listed on Make Works Scotland. Read more

Dundee Design Festival Residencies

A factory residency programme pairing designers and artists with manufacturers in Scotland. Read more

Factory Tour at Varma, Reykjavik

We speak to knitwear designer Hilary Grant to find out about knitwear manufacturing and design in Iceland. Read more

Made Works: Cathy Wade Star Map

Artist Cathy Wade worked closely with Clifton Steel to produce a new piece of public art for Longbridge. Ruth Claxton talks to her about the production process. Read more

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