The Make Works API allows our organisation data to be used openly and freely by other web developers or makers. We’d love to see this expanded into brilliant applications, products or services - whether that is for the creative community or further afield. 

We’re working towards making our data even more useful by expanding the Make Works network nationally and internationally in the coming months. We used the API to make the Make Works Extension and you can see some other experiments we’ve used this for here

This information is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) 

Our API uses RESTful principles - at the moment allowing public GET requests for data. 

We will be writing about the API in more depth on our blog in the coming weeks. 

How to get started


List of API Routes: 



/companies/<Trimmed_name>/address (more detailed address info)

/companies/<Trimmed_name>/profile (company portrait image)

/companies/<Trimmed_name>/selectedimages (image gallery)

/companies/<Trimmed_name>/basicinfo (alternative JSON response - sometimes more useful than naked /companies/x)



/materials/q/<material search term>




/machines/q/<machine search term>




/processes/q/<process search term>




/industry/q/<industry search term>




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